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Welcome to the Bloom Art Association – a distinctive nexus of accomplished artists endowed with Persian language proficiency. Our mission is to introduce these talented individuals, along with their exquisite artistic inclinations, to the global art community


Specialized In-Person and Online Art Exhibitions Across Europe and the United Kingdom in Collaboration with Renowned Universities

Artistic Workshops and Accredited Training in Cinema, Theatre, Music, Visual Arts, and Handicrafts in Conjunction with Respected European and British Universities

  Upholding moral principles and profound respect for art and artists, our society is dedicated to promoting and endorsing talented artists. Our mission extends beyond borders as we endeavor to introduce these exceptional creators to a global audience

Bloom Art Society is committed to showcasing the talent of artists from Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan on a global platform. With official authorization from the European Union, we bring the artworks of gifted artists to the forefront, effectively introducing them to the international art community


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