About us


As a versatile art entity, Bloom Art Association thrives across an array of creative domains, encompassing cinema, theatre, music, visual arts, and handicrafts throughout Europe and England. Our establishment stands formally registered within the European Union, boasting a central headquarters nestled in the Netherlands, complemented by two active representatives stationed in England and Iran

Bloom Art Association takes pride in orchestrating grand festivals and art exhibitions spanning diverse realms, often in collaboration with esteemed universities across Europe and England. Our initiatives culminate in the conferral of prestigious accolades, emblematic of our commitment to fostering artistic excellence

 Bloom Art Society is a versatile art company that orchestrates both physical and virtual exhibitions encompassing a wide array of artistic genres such as cinema, theatre, music, visual arts, and handicrafts throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. We take immense pride in presenting a joint painting exhibition in partnership with Oxford and Manchester universities in the United Kingdom. Our commitment extends to forthcoming collaborations with esteemed institutions across Europe and the United Kingdom


Specialized In-Person and Online Art Exhibitions Across Europe and the United Kingdom in Collaboration with Renowned Universities

Artistic Workshops and Accredited Training in Cinema, Theatre, Music, Visual Arts, and Handicrafts in Conjunction with Respected European and British Universities
Publication of Artists’ Books Endorsed by the European Union

Bloom Art Society aspires to foster a vibrant and dedicated artistic community. Collaborating with distinguished professors, we strive to elevate artistic proficiency within society and champion the arts. Our comprehensive training programs encompass cinema, theatre, music, visual arts, and handicrafts, culminating in recognized degrees from prestigious European and British universities


We cordially invite you to explore the realms of artistic excellence through the Bloom Art Association. Embrace the vibrant tapestry of cultures, perspectives, and masterful creations that converge under our aegis